High Security Door Locks

Locks need to be taken into account high security locks features that offer more resistance to the ordinary collection, drilling, harrows, and other common forms of burglary. The safest locks should also be a high degree of control button. The harder it is not entitled for any thief or a person who made a duplicate key as the lock provides security has.

Underwriters Laboratories Listing.

It is always good to buy the best locks that have Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the symbol on the packaging or on the face of the cylinder. A list is based on UL Standard UL 437, is a good indicator that a lock offers a high level of security.

To maintain the UL certification, must have a lock with the strict rules and the construction of a test model have to pass strict tests the performance of the attack.

Here are some of its requirements;

First All moving parts of the system shall be designed equivalent of brass, stainless steel, bronze, or corrosion-resistant materials or fulfills a protective layer , the salt spray decomposition test by UL.

Second have at smallest amount 1,000 key changes.

3rd As provided during 10,000 cycles at a velocity not beyond 50 cycles in a single minute.

4th The block must not be opened or be affected as an outcome of evidence of assault with hammer, chisel , screwdriver, rips her mouth tongs , portable electric saws , puller mechanism , drills, tools and important financial instruments.

Key Control.

Another important factor is the safety lock control key. Mainly, safe locks have original key blank that are only from the manufacturer of the castle. On the subsequent stage of key control are important areas that be capable of being slashed with special keys only on machines. This key control minimizes the number of areas where an illegal person has a duplicate key. The locks to use the less secure keys that are copied to any hardware store.

Patents lock and key.

A feature of high-security locks for your home is that it provides a high degree of control keys. That is, there are no restrictions on who make a copy of the key. These blocks will be used in situations where you do not want to just be someone able to run the local hardware store and make copies. One way to limit the copies to a lock is patented or empty. This allows a manufacturer to decide who can block copy his keys.