Wide Range of Quality Gun Safes Provided by Shooting Circles

Shooting circles is one of the leading online suppliers of gun cabinets, rifle cabinets and gun safes in United Kingdom. It supplies popular gun safe and rifle cabinet brands like Burton, Buffalo River, Fortify, JFC and Sentry with manufactures warranty included as part of the pack.

Gun Safes

There are safes that can hold shot guns ranging from one to seven. There are primarily three categories in which one category of gun safes comes with the capacity to store 1 to 3 guns, while another category has the capacity to store 4 to 6 guns. The final category of gun safes has the capacity to store 7 to 10 guns. These gun safes come with premium features like internal lock box and LCD key pad.

Rifle Cabinets

The store supplies rifle cabinets that can store 4 to 10 rifles and also extra deep rifle cabinets. Extra deep rifle cabinets have the capability to store rifles that comes fitted with scopes. These deep rifle cabinets come with a height of 1500mm and a depth of 280mm. The top portion of the rifle cabinets usually come with a separate ammo box. These cabinets are manufactured in accordance with U.K security and safe quality BS 7558/92 standards.

Ammo and pistol safes

In addition to the gun safes and rifle cabinets, Shooting circles also provide top branded ammo and pistol safes. These safes come with either one removable shelf or two removable shelves. They come with high security and safety features including the provision of double bitted 7 lever and 9 lever locks. The outer shell of the safe is made out of manganese material that comes in built with anti-drill property.

By getting in to the online portal of shootingcircles, customers can browse through a wide range of branded gun cabinets and rifle cabinets and choose a safe that matches the requirements. Customers can add the chosen safes to the shopping cart and then proceed to the order confirmation section. The ordered safes would be packed safely and securely and shipped to the customer’s location within a day or two.

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